Wet rooms

Plumb and tile is a specialist wet room installation company.

Over recent years wet rooms have become ever popular with young and older home owners alike, they are a very versatile option and can be installed either up stairs, at ground level or in a basement.

The floor screed is dug out, or floor boards cut out and a graded shower tray is installed in the showering area level with the remaining floor, this is then covered in a waterproof membrane and tiled, or the floor can be covered with a waterproof non slip vinyl floor covering such as Altro Aquarius.

Disabled wet rooms

Disabled adapted wet rooms are safe and hygienic, and allow those who would not otherwise be able to, care for them selves in their own home.
Also known as Level access wet rooms, they are especially useful for wheelchair users, people with limited movement and the elderly.
We can install your wet room with non slip safety flooring, grab rails, raised height toilets, lever taps and can use contrasting colours for those who have impaired vision.